Signature Session Options

Below are the different Signature Session Experiences that we offer. Each session is unhurried and custom to each senior portrait client, all of them that include unlimited clothes changes! The investment below reflect the creation of the photographs.

We recommend that you come in for a planning design consultation to discuss the details!

Signature Senior Lifestyle Sessions

Our Signature Lifestyle sessions are for seniors that wish to have the very best experience that we offer.

Our goal is to capture images that represent you and your personality.



We offer 3 signature Lifestyle sessions to choose from.

Signature Studio Lifestyles Session: $200.00 Unlimited clothing changes!

This session is the ultimate indoor session. We will photograph close-ups to full length with unlimited clothing changes! Tons of backgrounds to choose from. Make sure to bring an instrument, sports uniform or hobby. A prop that tells who you are or what you do. Plan on having an awesome time at this 90 minute session at our state of the art studio. It includes an image for your yearbook.


Signature Outdoor Lifestyles Session: $200.00 Unlimited clothing changes!

If you just want OUTDOORS, this is the session for you.
This is one of our popular session experiences, which includes unlimited clothing changes! We can travel to one of our popular outdoor locations or travel to one of your favorite locations. Downtown Petaluma with the old brick buildings to a local park with the oak trees and wild flowers. This is a 2 hour session. It includes an image for your yearbook.


Signature Lifestyles Session: $300.00 Unlimited clothing changes!

If you want OUTDOORS as well as INDOORS, this is the session for you.

This is our Most Popular session experience that we offer! If you are looking for studio indoors as well outdoors, this is the session for you. This is the ultimate photo session, reflecting your creativity and individuality. This session includes over 3 hours and unlimited outfits from casual to high fashion, color to black and white. We will start in the studio with traditional to high fashion images in color and black and white and then travel to as many locations as possible within your 3 hour session. Ask us about the possibilities!  It includes an image for your yearbook.
Do you want to go to the beach or maybe the river? What about horseback riding at the park? Maybe with your jet ski at the lake. Skies the limit! Check out our Location, Location, Location, page.


John Nunes Photography is one of the few photographers that can offer both indoors and outdoors for the ultimate session experience.  Our 2500 sq. ft state of the art studio enable us to offer a wide variety of props and backgrounds that reflect your personality that no other photographer can offer as well as traveling to many of our great outdoor locations.

We want you to look amazing and have a blast too, and we want to give you just that! We’ll treat your session with all the uniqueness that you inspire!

Check out one of our Senior Videos to Plan your Senior Experience!



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