Senior Gallery Phone App

How will you share your senior images with your friends?
Our personalized Senior Mobile Gallery App will enable you to keep some of your senior images on your phone to share with your friends and family.

In the past High School Seniors used to share “wallets” between friends and family. Through the years this got to be difficult because of the number of wallets that were being traded. It was tough to carry them all.

Our personalized senior mobile app will enable you to keep up to 20 of your senior images from your session right on your phone. You will have a quick one touch access, showing your images to your friends and family. With our email feature, you can share any of your images just as fast.

Senior parents love the App as well. Moms love to show off their daughter’s senior pictures. I have many parents tell me that they would be talking to another parent about senior pictures at a high school sporting event or a family gathering. They would say, “Hey would you like to see my daughter’s senior pictures?” They would then proceed to open up the senior gallery app on their mobile phone and show off their daughter’s senior pictures. WOW! They were so excited. They asked, “Where did you get that app?”  They responded, “at John Nunes Photography.”

The App can also be customized with personal images, personal website links as well as videos.


My senior App is great!

It was nice to download my AppRogersE068
and have all my pictures right
there and ready to look at. It
was awesome!
Thank You so much John!

– Elizabeth Rogers


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