High School Sports

John Nunes Photography Sports is revolutionizing High School Sports photography and would like to become your sports photographer.

Our program of Team and individual photography offers a large variety of unique products, such as personalized graphic enhanced designer prints with the players name and number on the images.

Listed below are just a few of the reasons High School coaches are choosing John Nunes Photography Sports

  • High Quality professional equipment.
  • Unique one of a kind sports pictures.
  • A photo product line unlike any others.
  • Personalization of students’ names on prints.
  • Attends beginning of the season parent and team meetings.
  • 3 week turnaround time
  • Can photograph everything indoors.  No weather reschedules.
  • Local photographer with complete customer service available to answer questions and concerns your team parents may have, before, on and after picture day.
  • 100% guarantee on all our photos or we will retake it.








We offer a variety of High School Sports Products:JayceeSoccer8x10 field templateE

-Team and Individual Photography

-Designer Team Memorymates

-Team Panoramics

-Football and Basketball individual Banner Program

-Game Day Banner Fundraising Program

-Senior Individual Banner Program

-PLUS we are the only photographers offering PHOTO LIGHT UP EVENT BADGES.

This is a great fundraiser that we offer to the high school boosters!


Our picture day setup is very different than any other photographer. With our on location white screen technology we can photograph your sport rain or shine!



High School Individual Pictures

With of our white screen technology, we are able to photograph each player individually and then create custom designed backgrounds. We give each player a choice of variety of poses to ensure they are happy with their final result!







High School Team Pictures

We offer a variety of Team picture options.

  1. Traditional team group
  2. Build a team
  3. X-treme teams
  4. Team pano’s

Below is an example of our build a team.  Every image is photographed

individually and the team is designed in the computer.



X-Tream Team pictures

With our on location white screen technology we photograph each player individually and then create a virtual team photo in the computer.  Vary similar to our build a team. We would generally use this technology when there are more than 20 people in the group.  Are X-Tream teams are very popular with coaches.

  • They are much quicker than traditional team pictures and are not photographed outside in the elements.  We no longer need to use risers outside.


Once a player or coach is photographed they can leave or return to practice.  Plus, we can add or take out a person in the team without needing to re-shoot the team..

High School Team Panoramics

Our individual Team Panos are unique and shows off each players personality as well as the teams spirit!

Contact us today to get a quote and find out how your team can get one of these amazing panoramic products!





Our Team Banners is pretty much the same as our team panoramics with a slight change. Your team pano would be printed as a 30″ x 92″ on banner material. On the bottom of your team banner you would sell sponsor ads to raise money for your team program. Some teams have raised over $1000. This banner would be displayed during every home and away game.


Senior Banner Program

Our senior banner program is a great way to display your senior athletes during your sporting events!  With a wide range of product designs to choose from, quick turnaround and affordable prices, this program is a perfect fit for any sports team or program!

Each banner is custom designed for your school including your school name, logo, colors, players names, jersey numbers and even sponsor logos if your team chooses to use this as a team fund-raiser!

Product Details

• Huge 4’x6′ High Quality Vinyl Banners

• Multiple designs to choose from!
• Colors match your team uniforms
• Simple photo taking process
• Perfect for seniors!




If you would like us to take photos at your High School Please email us!