Your Family Design Portrait Consultation

Your Design Portrait Consultation is one of the most important meetings we will have. This is where it all starts.

The first thing we will talk about is what does your family like to do? What type of portrait do you want? Indoors or Outdoors? Formal or Casual? Do you want a Traditional portrait or more fun interaction portrait.

The next thing we will discuss is where do you see your portrait hanging in your home? Above the Mantel? In the living room, bedroom, or in the hallway. This will determine the best size of your wall portrait. For most homes we recommend 16×20 to a 24×30. It is important to have the size and location determined before your family session. Are you looking for a Traditional print or a canvas. Some of our clients will do a water color for more of a artistic feel. Some families will want to do a collage with a variety of different size portraits. Is your family better to be photographed vertical or horizontal? John will photograph your family based on this information.

We will go over your framing options. What type of furniture or color moldings do you have in your home? The correct framing and matting will make a difference in what your finished portrait will look like. Our goal is for us to deliver a finished wall portrait that you will be able to hang right on your wall. Or better yet, we will come and hang it for you.

On occasions we will do what we call a go see. This is where John or Alisa will come to your home before your session and look at the colors of your home and look at the locations you have selected to display your family portrait. We will do a quick measurement of the walls and recommend the proper size portrait. It’s not our intentions to sell you the largest wall portrait. We want the portrait to look the best on your wall.

Clothing is very important. Choosing the proper colors of your clothing is so important right down to the socks and shoes. From tank tops, shirts, dresses, skirts to solid colors and patterns will make an impact with your finished portrait. We will give you ideas and colors that we have found work the best for a portrait based on the session location and where it will be hanging in your home.

Lastly, we will discuss with you your financial options. We will go over what type and size wall portrait best fits your needs for your family, home and your budget. With pre selecting the type and size of your wall portrait, it will give you an idea of your totalcosts. It is not our intentions to photograph your family and then surprise you with the costs.

We have many families that plan and save for a family portrait. A portrait is not a piece of photographic paper, it is the memories you make and the experiences of taking the portrait. It is a personalized priceless heirloom that you will keep in your heart forever and be enjoyed for generations to come.

Many families we photograph tell us that their portrait is a conversation piece everytime friends and family come to visit.

After all of your questions are answered, we will schedule your family session appointment and take care of payment for your session fee.